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Learning Adventures

Our ALL ABOUT ME program is designed to help preschoolers reach their full potential by taking them on a personal journey through role play and special life-size projects that teach them about themselves, their environment and big world.


Curriculum Topics

All About Me

My Neighborhood

My City

My Map

My Country

My Continent


Introduction to role play & 

"Real-World Play"


Construction worker


Kid Spy



Police Officer




About Me poster

All About Me book

My New York City Poster

My Traffic Signs


Examples of Learning Adventures

City road Construction, Cops & Robbers, Cookie & Ice cream shops, Firefighter, Teacher, Birthday Adventure


Our program combines imaginative play and education to help preschoolers understand their world and enjoy learning. Each adventure cycles through the themes and subjects lessons above. This is creative education in the form of play, purposed to enrich a child's play experience and empower them to reach their full potential. Our program teaches children about their environment and exciting world through creative learning adventures that immerse them into the subjects in real time. Some subjects are more advanced in order to give a child the freedom and power to be anything they imagine. We keep it preschooler friendly and meet each child where they're at.

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