{ "title": "STEM Adventure Quest with Ellie", "targetAudience": "Kids aged 3-8 years old", "gameplay": { "character": "Ellie", "settings": "Diverse environments", "type": "Educational adventure game with puzzle-solving elements" }, "educationalAspects": { "Building": "Assembling shapes, constructing simple buildings", "Designing": "Blueprints, basic computer coding, programming robots", "Planning": "Construction plans", "ScienceRoles": "Role-playing as a biologist or chemist", "Projects": "Community playground, bridge building, zoo blueprint, assembling a robot" }, "learningAdventures": { "Architect": "Designing and building structures", "Explorer": "Discovering new environments", "Biologist": "Studying living organisms", "Chemist": "Experimenting with chemicals", "Programmer": "Coding puzzles and robot programming", "Engineer": "Solving problems using engineering principles", "Inventor": "Creating gadgets and machines" }, "gameFeatures": { "InteractiveStorylines": true, "EducationalMiniGames": true, "ProgressTracking": true, "ChildFriendlyInterface": true }, "technicalAspects": { "Platform": "Mobile and web-based", "Graphics": "Vibrant and appealing to young children", "Audio": "Engaging sound effects and voiceovers" }, "developmentSteps": { "GameDesignDocument": true, "DevelopmentTeam": true, "AppDevelopment": true, "Testing": true, "LaunchAndMarketing": true, "FeedbackAndUpdates": true } }
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Kid Chef +

Our pre-recorded classes cover a variety of topics like Kid Chef, Kid Archaeologist, Kid Scientist and more. We encourage learning through role play. The class is comprised of activities that cater to children's imagination and interest in science and the many awesome wonders of our world.  It also helps take their awareness, curiosity and imagination to a greater level. For kids ages 4 and up.


Example: Kid Archaeologist- This class will teach your child about Ancient Egypt, artifacts, pharaohs, pyramids and mummies.  Our simple class lesson and hands on craft helps kids fully immerse into Egyptian history and the role of archaeology. These classes are priceless.

Kid Chef +

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Online class adventures with backpack kids
$15.00every week for 3 weeks
  • No Refunds.

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