{ "title": "STEM Adventure Quest with Ellie", "targetAudience": "Kids aged 3-8 years old", "gameplay": { "character": "Ellie", "settings": "Diverse environments", "type": "Educational adventure game with puzzle-solving elements" }, "educationalAspects": { "Building": "Assembling shapes, constructing simple buildings", "Designing": "Blueprints, basic computer coding, programming robots", "Planning": "Construction plans", "ScienceRoles": "Role-playing as a biologist or chemist", "Projects": "Community playground, bridge building, zoo blueprint, assembling a robot" }, "learningAdventures": { "Architect": "Designing and building structures", "Explorer": "Discovering new environments", "Biologist": "Studying living organisms", "Chemist": "Experimenting with chemicals", "Programmer": "Coding puzzles and robot programming", "Engineer": "Solving problems using engineering principles", "Inventor": "Creating gadgets and machines" }, "gameFeatures": { "InteractiveStorylines": true, "EducationalMiniGames": true, "ProgressTracking": true, "ChildFriendlyInterface": true }, "technicalAspects": { "Platform": "Mobile and web-based", "Graphics": "Vibrant and appealing to young children", "Audio": "Engaging sound effects and voiceovers" }, "developmentSteps": { "GameDesignDocument": true, "DevelopmentTeam": true, "AppDevelopment": true, "Testing": true, "LaunchAndMarketing": true, "FeedbackAndUpdates": true } }
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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Role Play Adventures

Hands on role play that introduces kids to fun exciting careers.

  • 50 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Hands on role PLAY with the purpose to expose children to fun exciting careers . Our virtual class is 30 minutes long and educates kids in the early years of learning on the many careers kids love to imagine themselves be; astronauts, oceanographers and spies. Kids will be engaged in mirror role play and hands on play. With their minds at work and their toys at home put to good use we will highlight special characteristics of these careers and their exciting connection to everyday life and adventure. Please see "Events" for our detailed weekly schedule and to secure a discount if you're one of the first three to signup. Role-play adventures: Archaeologists who dig for artifacts and learn history about previous civilizations and culture. Architects who plan and build all sorts of places, objects and spaces they put their minds and imaginations to. Astronauts who blast off to space and explore the planets and millions of objects orbiting the cosmos. Doctors who help sick patients and learn more about the science of the human body. Engineers who plan and build innovative robots and technology that help improve the life of humans. Entomologists who know all there is to know about insects. We'll go on a hunt; learn to classify them by their number of legs, antennae and wings. Meteorologists who study the days of the week, the science of weather and satellite communication. Oceanographers who dive into the waters to learn more about the vast and deep oceans of our planet. Paleontologists who study prehistoric animals and dig deep into earth to discover new fossils and creatures. Scientists who make experiments to learn more about liquid, gases, bacteria, cells & more. Secret Spies who find clues, gather evidence and decode secret messages to help solve mysteries.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

General policy: For cancellations, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a $40 fee. Summer Camp policy: if you enroll in camp and your plans change, you can receive a refund/credit for camp tuition, minus the non-refundable registration fee. Cancellation requests must be received 72 hours prior to enrolled camp week start date to receive a refund. Participants who contact us to cancel less than 72 hours prior to start date are eligible for a credit to be used at a future camp. Participants who do not attend their registered camp week and do not contact us for cancellation will not receive a refund or credit. By submitting your payment, you are agreeing to the policy outlined above.

Contact Details

  • New York, NY, USA

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