{ "title": "STEM Adventure Quest with Ellie", "targetAudience": "Kids aged 3-8 years old", "gameplay": { "character": "Ellie", "settings": "Diverse environments", "type": "Educational adventure game with puzzle-solving elements" }, "educationalAspects": { "Building": "Assembling shapes, constructing simple buildings", "Designing": "Blueprints, basic computer coding, programming robots", "Planning": "Construction plans", "ScienceRoles": "Role-playing as a biologist or chemist", "Projects": "Community playground, bridge building, zoo blueprint, assembling a robot" }, "learningAdventures": { "Architect": "Designing and building structures", "Explorer": "Discovering new environments", "Biologist": "Studying living organisms", "Chemist": "Experimenting with chemicals", "Programmer": "Coding puzzles and robot programming", "Engineer": "Solving problems using engineering principles", "Inventor": "Creating gadgets and machines" }, "gameFeatures": { "InteractiveStorylines": true, "EducationalMiniGames": true, "ProgressTracking": true, "ChildFriendlyInterface": true }, "technicalAspects": { "Platform": "Mobile and web-based", "Graphics": "Vibrant and appealing to young children", "Audio": "Engaging sound effects and voiceovers" }, "developmentSteps": { "GameDesignDocument": true, "DevelopmentTeam": true, "AppDevelopment": true, "Testing": true, "LaunchAndMarketing": true, "FeedbackAndUpdates": true } }
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AGES 2-5


Our specialty is preschoolers, stay-at-home and work-at-home parents!

Backpack preschooler caters to the needs and development of children ages two to five years; the years where it all begins! Your preschooler is shaping into a little individual and is a human sponge that's soaks in so much you can't keep up with it.

The personal attention and educational play we bring to your home encourages your child's curiosity and growth.  

Their cognitive, physical, language, social and emotional skills are carefully catered to.

Outdoor activity and social exposure is especially important and are encouraged in everything we do. 

Click "Book Online" for details on our services.

Backpack Preschooler: Service
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