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backpack kids has brought so much joy to my kids, they look forward every week to their educational activities & program, they have learned so much. We have enjoyed the outdoor activities throughout the year, and now that the weather is getting colder we are looking forward to having some indoor fun too. We met Rosa before the pandemic and we could not be more happy we found her, she is patient and caring with kids, her classes are super fun, I feel the money is well spent here. It's not easy to find a good educational class that kids are engaged for the entire duration. I can surely attest that my kids are completely engaged from beginning to end so for us it's a great investment. Looking forward to more fun. Thank you Rosa and backpack kids.

Johanna d'Camp, Brooklyn, NY

Our daughter always looks forward to virtual playdates with backpack kids! It's not only entertaining but educational for her in math, reading, geography and science." 


​Yoon Hwang, New York, NY 



I couldn’t rave more about Backpack Kids. My daughter absolutely LOVES this! It’s been nearly a year yet every play date is a new experience. A combination of fun and learning perfectly tailored to your child, in your home. Best after-school activity for preschoolers and great for little ones easing into separation and preparing for school. 

Xin Lewis, Mom to a very energetic 4 year old 


We love Backpack Kids! When we set up the first play date for our son, we were frankly looking for a few hours of relief. It was clear after the first session that this was so much more.  My son is totally engaged, and never bored. Each session also has some educational component, like talking about the Solar System or about the states of the US. The backpack kids team is caring, engaging, thoughtful and passionate. Most importantly, our son loves these sessions! He always looks forward to the next play date, and we also look forward to hearing all about it afterwards. We feel so fortunate to have found this service and cannot recommend Backpack Kids highly enough.


​Jessica Lee, New York, NY



My son connected with Rosa straightaway; she certainly has a way with kids! Each playdate is different, she seems to have an endless assortment of activities lined up. What I love about it too is that it has a very local flavor, many of the art projects feature New York City for example. Rosa clearly put a lot of thought into her work. Thank you, Rosa!


​Hwayoung Han, New York, NY



My toddler absolutely loves Rosa from Backpack Kids! Rosa is such a loving and caring educator. She always have tons of fun activities, and often there is something new. Rosa respects the personality and individuality of my child and tailors her methods to my child’s needs. I’m very grateful for everything she does. As a full-time mother, I’m so much happier with the help of this service. Highly recommend Backpack Kids! 


Alice Liu, New York, NY



The whole team at backpack kids are amazing, from the first time they met my son, he was completely at ease and loved all the cool toys. Even better, as they get to know your child, they tailor each playdate to their interests, so they get even better as time goes on. Rosa really loves her job and has brilliant, creative but also educational activities for your child to do. She managed to completely engage him for the entire playdate and he would often ask to play with her. The service that backpack kids provide was invaluable to me as I knew my child was having a great time while I could get on with other jobs and tasks around the house. We’ve recently moved out of state and Rosa and Backpack kids is one of the things my son and I will miss most about New York! 

Jill Saunders, Brooklyn, NY



My daughter has so much fun with Rosa, who brings a backpack full of age-appropriate toys that are both entertaining and educational. During the two hours my three-year-old learns the alphabet, numbers, planets, seasons, weather, and many more interesting topics, while she plays with puzzles, treasure-hunting, crafts, story cards, and many more creative activities. Thank you, Rosa, for being so creative and caring. My daughter looks forward to seeing you every week.


Tomoko Rubery, New York, NY



Backpack Kids is amazing!! They offer customized fun and educational activities for your child or preschooler. Rosa is timely, creative and engaging w my 4-year-old and cares for those she is working with. I love that she taught my girl about everything from bugs to etiquette and how to use construction tools. 😂 When my girl entered PreK she was advanced in her ABC, numbers and other fine and gross motor skills. I am so thankful for Backpack Kids and how that dedicated weekly time allowed me to grow my small business knowing my child was well cared for and having an amazing time. Thank you!!


Jessica Park, Brooklyn, NY



When Rosa showed up with her backpack full of books games and toys! let's just say it was "bye bye mommy I'm going to play with Rosa now."  At first I thought that Rosa's 'backpack' was great because it served to distract our daughter from any sadness about me leaving for work. But as the weeks went by I realized her backpack idea was really quite brilliant;  Firstly, since children tend to get bored of their own toys/games/books, a backpack with 'different' things to play with is a constant source of curiosity, excitement and stimulation. Secondly, the toys/books etc that Rosa brings are all educational! So our daughter is not only having fun, she's learning, developing and improving important age appropriate skills! ... some days I see my daughter reaching into Rosa's backpack and pulling out a racket and ball, and enthusiastically showing me how's she's learned to throw the ball and hit it. Other days she excitedly pulls out books about good manners! Which by the way have improved as a result! So needless to say, I'm a big fan of backpack kids! 


Vanessa, Brooklyn, NY

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