B&W Bulb

We offer preschool and after school enrichment alternatives for busy parents and provide purposeful play experiences at home, online and outdoors for kids. Our adventures cater to the insatiable imaginations of preschoolers and help them learn more about their environment and exciting world. We go on camping trips in the woods, blast off to space and role play as Archaeologists or Spies. Our play adventures help children explore their world and interests in real time creating priceless memories in their early years of development. Our


For the past 15 years our founder  has worked with preschoolers and discovered innovative ways to give parents a break while enriching their child's play time at home.  Her vision for backpack kids is to help NYC families and beyond by inspiring children's imagination, dramatic and real life play at a personal level that even in a busy place like NYC children's play time is prioritized and strategized to help them advance developmentally and above all learn and love to be curious about their exciting world.

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Play Specialists create interactive dynamic play experiences that keep children entertained, engaged and enriched; whether it be at home, outdoors or online; offering busy city parents flexibility to tend to their cares, work-life balance and to-do-lists.


An individual skilled and trained in the art and science of connecting and mentoring a child while simultaneously providing structured play time that is FUN & EDUCATIONAL. Our play specialists create play experiences in an educational context that are  imaginative, hands on and experiential and build a child's confidence, self awareness, language and the exploration of their curiosity environment and world.