Play adventures for preschoolers 


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Our Play Adventures

We offer preschool and after school enrichment alternatives for busy parents and provide purposeful play experiences for kids. Our adventures cater to the insatiable imaginations of preschoolers and help them learn more about their environment and exciting world. We go on camping trips in the woods, blast off to space, and role play as Spies or Archaeologists. Our play adventures help children explore their world and interests in real time creating priceless memories in their early years of development.  As experts in play we are driven to create interactive dynamic play experiences that keep children entertained, engaged and enriched; whether it be at home, outdoors or online; offering busy city parents flexibility to tend to their cares, work-life balance and to-do-lists.

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In-home adventures:

For parents who want 1-on-1 attention and a more personal play experience for their preschooler, our Play Specialists will come to your door to provide hands-on play time, role play, tools, and toys from our very own backpacks to guide and engage them in our endless educational play adventures; and work on long term projects like Seasons, About Me, Maps, Travel and more!

Outdoor Adventures:

We also offer outdoor play adventures each week for our busy city kids. We merge our love for imagination and dramatic play with our love for nature and the outdoors, and give preschoolers the opportunity to explore our exciting topics with other kids in the community. This brings another dynamic to the development of their social, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Our preschoolers are active, engaged, growing and inspired to learn and be curious in community.

Online Play Adventures:

We offer 1-on-1 online play adventures and online role play adventures for small groups that are made personal and encourage preschoolers' wild imaginations, curiosity and love for learning. We discover and explore exciting topics that interest kids like Dinosaurs, Sea Animals and the Ocean, Robots, Space, Travel, and more. The topics are endless and provide preschool and after school enrichment alternatives for busy parents with meaningful play time at home for their kids. 

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We incorporate science, geography, math, colors, shapes, alphabet, & numbers.


Our adventures offer you free time to create the lifestyle you want.


Discoveries, experiments and explorations made to enrich a child's world and imagination.


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Bug & Seek 

Astronomy & Aliens

Camping in the Woods 

Construction Site

Farm Architect

Gardening in Spring

Police Station "911"

Superhero Circus




How long is:

* 1-on-1 Online Adventure? 45 min.

* Online Role Play Adventure? 30 min.

* In-home & Outdoor Adventure? 1.5 hrs

* Story time & games is 25 min - FREE


Do you provide longer hours?

Our longer adventures are 1.5 hrs long. However, we offer bundles in which you can reserve 4 or more adventures a month.


What ages do you serve?

Toddlers and preschoolers, ideally ages 2.5 to 7 years old.


Can more than one child attend the play adventure?

Yes, however it must be a sibling and it is 1/2 price for the 2nd child. 


What should I expect?

Virtual - Interactive play using your child's toys and tools.

In-home & Outdoor using our toys and tools.

Role play, problem-solving, story time/story telling, games & hands on activities and worksheets (scissors and glue). Details will be emailed.


Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Our plan packages offer a bundle of play adventures for the month at a discounted price. See our Book Online page