Pretend Play

Costumes, role play and props are all used to help self regulation and empower executive function in every child. Helping kids facilitate the use of their imaginations and thoughts takes special skill we pride in.


We teach our kids about their environment and world through playful adventures; like taking a taxi to Central Park or buying groceries at the market.


We use puzzles to help expand a child's ability to attend and problem solve.


Using our story cards and other methods we help build our kids language skills. We use every opportunity to build their confidence and encourage word usage and imagination.


Through hands on explorations and experiments we teach our kids about life cycles, plants, outer space, and more.


We love using stories to help developing minds make connections.

Numbers and Math

Math is how we teach our kids how to sort information, see patterns, and make simple calculations.


We incorporate different themes and topics of learning during puzzle time.


We know music is a key to cognitive development.